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24 €

Tuna tataki "Albacore", matcha tea herb powder"

Crunchy fennel and carot, Thaï sauce


27 €

Fillet of red mullet seized on the skin, 

Tapenade with fresh herbs, grilled artichoke pepper,

Juice of the bones tied to the liver

28 €

Turbot in crust-soft kadaif,

Creamy cauliflower, seaweed condiments from the Isle of Ré


24 €

Vegetable plate with spring flavors,

Hot-cold peas, carrot textures ans crispy risotto

28 €

Half cooked duck foie gras from Mr Morille,

Fresh lychee with rose water ansd peach marmalade


40 €

Admiral's Plateau 

3 Papin M2 special oysters, 3 Gillardeau M2 M2 special oysters, langoustines bulbs, shrimps and ½ crab 

28 €

The oyster plate M2 producers (9 pieces) 

( 5 Gillardeau Oysters / 4 Papin Oysters)

23 €

specials oysters Gillardeau 

19 €

6 special oysters M2 Papin 

16 €

6  specials Pertuis M3 oysters

32 €

Langoustines (500 gr), with short broth, mayonnaise

10 €



36 €

Wild skinny fish, lemon flavored from Iran,

Eggplant caviar and confit tomatoes, white butter with lemon monard


39 €

See bass of our coast, trilogy of tomato with crabmeat,
Tomato tartare and gazpacho


36 €

Large wild prawns,

Organic pepper ans zucchini chutney,

Juices with Menton lemon pulp

45 €

Freshly caught sole lightly griddled with salted butter,

Grenaille potato from Ile de Ré

47 €

Golden lobster with pine nuts, 

Creamy risotto, pesto and marjoram from Italy

11 € (per 100 gr)

Oven-roasted lobster from Brittany 
With a thin-strip julienne from the fresh- market vegetables

And lobster coral sauce


37 €

Simmental beef tenderloin, seasoned tartar, 

Candied new onions, darphin potato and camenbert donut

38 €

Calf's sweet bread and langoustines from La Cotinière Port,

Lightly seared in balsamic and dried tomato vinegar 


12 €

Our plateau of selected cheeses


11 €

Rasperry, fresh and candied, pistachio textures,

"Sakura"cherry blossom tea sorbet 

12 €

Grand cru chocolate ice cream bar, milk tube,

Cazette chips and almond milk ice cream

12 €

Rhubarb and cherry freshness, elderflower,
Hibiscus meringue chips,

"Rosa" geranium sorbet

12 €

Strawberry tart unstructured,

Marinated drop peppers and candied olives, lemon / basil sorbet

12 €

Puffed pancake with Grand-Marnier liqueur,
Orange in different textures 


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Appreciate our menus cooked seafood of our Coasts. Read more. 


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Reserve your table at Les Flots restaurant.


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Logo Les Flots
Restaurant Les Flots
Cuisine gastronomique de la mer
1 rue de la Chaîne
17000 La Rochelle
Tél. 05 46 41 32 51
Fax. 05 46 41 90 80
Ouvert tous les jours de l'année
Le midi de 12h15 à 14h00
et le soir de 19h30 à 22h

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