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Les Flots, an ocean of flavours

"Les Flots" restaurant sits at the foot of the Chain Tower, in a former 18th century café, in the heart of La Rochelle. With its back to the towers, it has been watching all the activity in the Old Port since 1945.

The building itself has always been a part of downtown La Rochelle, but its café days are now only a vague memory. In 1997, Grégory Coutanceau began running it as a restaurant. It was his first business and at only 22 years of age, his head was full of dreams. That was the beginning of "Les Flots" great reputation.


Grégory Coutanceau chose to mix a contemporary and traditional interior decor, placing, for example, modern furniture in front of the fireplace. In a stylish and marine restaurant, he added coloured glass tableware created exclusively for the restaurant.


Grégory brought into the kitchen the best produce the sea has to offer, selected daily from the local fish market. In his innovative kitchen, he enjoys blending and matching flavours, sometimes with a hint of spice, to create his surprising haute cuisine.


But the pleasure of a meal at "Les Flots" isn't only in your plate. Down in the cellar, a thousand bottles of the best French vineyards will please amateurs and professionals.


For 12 years now, Grégory has been proudly showing his talents. He has made "Les Flots" into a big name restaurant that shouldn't be missed. And for the people of La Rochelle, he has also made himself a name; which is simply "Grégory".


Chef : Grégory Coutanceau

Responsable de salle : Phillipe Ferru


The restaurant "Les Flots" is open all year round.
Lunch is served from 0.15 to 2 pm and dinner from 7.30 to 10 pm.

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Visitors' book

Super repas lundi au restaurant Les Flots. Les plats, le vin, le personnel, tout le monde au top et à la fin du repas la petite bougie avec des petites bouchées pour mes 60 ans. J'avoue que l'intention m'a beaucoup touché. Merci Philippe.

Message posté le 21 Novembre 2012 sur Facebook


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Appreciate our menus cooked seafood of our Coasts. Read more. 


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Logo Les Flots
Restaurant Les Flots
Cuisine gastronomique de la mer
1 rue de la Chaîne
17000 La Rochelle
Tél. 05 46 41 32 51
Fax. 05 46 41 90 80
Ouvert tous les jours de l'année
Le midi de 12h15 à 14h00
et le soir de 19h30 à 22h

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